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When Starfire's sister Blackfire shows up to visit, Starfire just wishes she would leave. Blackfire's wild, cool, and hip -- everything Starfire's not.

When The Titans first met Blackfire, they seemed to like her so much, Starfire was beginning to think they wouldn't need her around anymore. But just as Star thought about leaving, a couple of aliens thugs showed up to haul her away. The Titans discovered that Blackfire had framed her sister for crimes in the Centauri System. Blackfire was hauled away to prison, swearing revenge.

Blackfire later broke from prison and wrested control of Tamaran as its new Grand Ruler. Blackfire attempted to get revenge on Star by forcing her to marry a hideous alien. It was actually part of an elaborate plot to possess a powerful jewel. When her ruse was uncovered, Blackfire was banished from Tamaran.